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Castlemaine State Festival daring to dream in 2015

I was so lucky to be able to contribute during our uk winter to Castlemaine State Festival curtesy of Jimbelina of belt and braces productions in Victoria Australia.  

Ive been flat out with uk corporate since my return & it’s only now I have a chance to catch up mid festival season in a an unexpected break. It’s a cracking festival – concentrating on some expectionaly creative contributions & genuinely from around the world, 

my only regret not being able to see too much due to my involvement. I was lucky enough to be involved  with the projection for this production – a magnificent site specific play with a video mapped set on the wall of the exercise yard of the old prison in castlemaine
I was also resident LD the theatre royal too highlights being #cambodianspaceproject 
Super #inspiring #trubijou #creative & caring  # world #community #festival in #victoria #australia. 
Jim has posted this vid  I’m sure I have some I planning to go back to this biennial & to use it a springboard along with Jimbelina to launch my #becausewecan initiative in Australia during our winter here.