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Festival and Art

Astral have been active in the festival lighting scene since the 1980’s, there are very few  festivals we have not been seen weaving our magic at over the years. Astral Design have lit main stages and A list artists as a matter of course, were are lucky to have lit many of our childhood hero’s too.
Our passion however as ever leans towards the creative structural and scenic elements now much more familiar at a number of larger festivals.
We light big art, and we light it big. The likelihood is if you’ve seen scenic or art installations lit up big bright and beautiful at festival we’ve had something to do with it.
Astral Design have pioneered the way in large scale set illumination at festivals and were founding designers at the now legendary Shangri-La at Glastonbury festival.
Astral Design’s light installation at Glastonbury festival was runner up to the Olympic’s opening ceremony at the nights of illumination awards in 20O5, and we are proud to be runners up to the Olympic opening show. We are currently working on light and art installations at a number of festivals, we have even managed to sneak a few installations in during the Covid era. All Together Now in Ireland and Love Summer in Devon are both projects have spawned from the Astral Dare to Dream project and now stand up in their own rights as noted light art installations.