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Bijou Festival

Here at Astral Design, we’ve grown over many years with the outdoor event industry. We’ve been at the forefront, creating some phenomenal events that have gone on to be iconic household names. 
As part of the Dare to Dream project, we have now started to service some smaller festivals in an attempt to nurture the creative endeavor in a new generation having recognized the need for smaller more intimate events.
Bijou Festival is now a separate entity directed at those that choose to produce a much smaller personalized experience. Bijou festival has a number of packages that make it simple to produce a micro-festival or festival style event without stress. Astral Design’s Bijou festival brings back the feel of festivals at a time when you might have known most of the festival-goers, a time when networking was chatting around a fire or sharing a meal. We sort of miss it, so Bijou Festival was developed.
Bijou Festival is ideal for small private themed parties and private events and weddings too.